What is a DPC?

DPC stands for direct primary care. This is a primary care or family practice office that contracts directly with patients rather than billing through insurance companies. Members pay one low monthly fee for all primary care provided in office or via telehealth. By eliminating the insurance company, we can save money on overhead and pass those savings on to the patients.

I am a very healthy person, why should I enroll in a DPC?

Even if you do not go to the doctor's office for illnesses frequently, when you do go you will have a much better experience! Everyone should have a yearly physical as well as a relationship with a provider to ensure a healthy lifestyle for prevention of chronic conditions or diseases. With a membership in a DPC you will receive high quality patient centered care, that will allow you to have adequate time to discuss your health goals and lifestyle management with your provider. In a DPC model, total members are limited to 500-600, as the monthly membership takes away the incentive to see as many patients as possible in a day that a traditional fee for service encourages. Additionally, when providers are not charging for each office visit individually, some visits for minor problems may be able to be handled via Tele health or phone. This will free up more of the provider’s time to ensure members have adequate time in office with their provider, when it's needed.

I have insurance, why would I join a DPC?

Most people today have an insurance plan with a high deductible, so while you continue to pay monthly premiums for your insurance plan, it does not pay for your office visits or any testing until your deductible has been met. This means you are paying out of pocket for most of your care unless you have a major illness or catastrophic event occur during that year. Health insurance should be used in a similar fashion to homeowners or automobile insurance, with the insurance company paying for major damages or catastrophic events and routine maintenance such as oil changes, new brakes, or a new roof being paid for by the member out of pocket. This would allow us to keep premiums low, focus on Wellness and healthy lifestyles for prevention, and lessen the influence insurance companies have on the care we are able to receive. Currently insurance companies dictate much of the care that is prescribed from medications to testing they will cover. DPC providers typically have negotiated significant discounts for their members for labs, medications, and or diagnostic imaging so you can get the care you need without permission from the insurance company. We also can provide better access to your provider through same day appointments as well as access directly to the provider through phone, text, or email.

Do I still need to have insurance?

Yes, a DPC membership is not insurance, and does not cover emergency room visits, surgeries, or hospitalizations. A hi-deductible insurance plan typically has lower premiums and pairs well with a DPC membership to provide coverage for catastrophic events while the DPC membership provides for access to affordable routine and minor illness care.

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